Collection: Faire L'amour en Été

100% of the proceeds benefits the Make Love Count Foundation, where the mission is to empower underserved women by providing comprehensive resources and support to build self-love, foster wellness, and unlock their full potential.


What does it smell like? 

Picture yourself cruising along a gorgeous stretch of coastline, windows down, the cool sea breeze blending with the invigorating aroma of apple, honeydew melon, and marine. Feeling the warm sand beneath your feet, you pull over and get out. The smell of orange and bergamot fills the air as you take a deep breath, instantly energizing your senses.


As you continue walking, you come to a lovely communal garden by the shore, where the creamy aroma of coconut blends with the subtle scents of jasmine, lily of the valley, and night-blooming gardenia. The soothing and captivating floral symphony entices you to stay a little while longer.


You locate a peaceful area to relax and watch the day fade into the golden hues of sunset. You are surrounded by the rich, warm tones of sandalwood, amber, and vanilla, which evoke the feeling of skin warmed by the sun and the reassuring hug of a great day coming to an end. The soft musk accord wafts in, reflecting the dim, foggy light and leaving you with a lasting feeling of peace and satisfaction.